Intuitive Spirituality

Welcome to my new blog and first post. This blog is an opportunity to share thoughts and reflections around the themes of spirituality, intuition, personal growth, creativity and creative expression, all of which are closely connected.

Can I be a spiritual person without a formal religion? The answer is a resounding “Yes!” Spirituality can be defined as a cultivation of a sense of the sacred in life. There are many ways to do this. For some it is through formal religion. For others it will be through personal relationships, the healing arts, artistic expression, humanitarian service, a connection to nature or the simple art of homemaking. There is no one path-fits-all and all paths are valid. Anything that enlarges the heart and soul and awakens us to the depth of the sacred in every aspect of life, can be called spiritual.

The development of our spiritual selves requires commitment, skill and a deepening of insight and knowledge. It demands a loyalty to the whispers of that inner voice pointing the way. Intuitive guidance however must be grounded and tested for authenticity. There can be a thin dividing line between the authentic voice of the soul and symptoms of a mental illness. Developing the spirit within us does not mean a problem-free life as sometimes presented in the pseudo-spirituality of some New Age modalities. The purpose of developing our spiritual selves is to strengthen the spirit within and give our lives depth and meaning. In the process we will be challenged to face what we would rather deny, to accept the truth of who we are – both the beauty and the warts! The rewards are life giving and permanent.

Life is continually beckoning to us to grow into our full potential. We can choose to ignore the call or cooperate with the process and enter energetically into the adventure.The great spiritual author Thomas Moore tells us that a spiritual life of some kind is absolutely  necessary for our emotional and psychological health. A mature and healthy spirituality holds together, mind and body, ideas and life, the shadows and the light, the seen and unseen reality, the individual and the world, the sacred and the secular.


A native of Ireland with a passionate interest in Celtic spirituality, creativity and intuition. I have been a teacher and workshop facilitator for over 40 years.

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