Dancing With The Wind

Waves crash with a hiss and gurgle as I walk in silent meditation on the beach. The wind tugs furiously at the dry grasses dancing on the dunes. Arrows of sharp cold rain sing from the sky. The wind heightens in a sudden burst of fury and batters the coast. I am exhilarated with the wild energy of the storm.

I watch an eagle as it banks against the wind and struggles to lift herself above the gale. With a sudden scream, she ceases to struggle and letting go to the rhythm of the wind, she glides with graceful ease high above the ocean.

We too, like the eagle, must learn to dance with the winds of life. As we dance, we will experience both the exhilaration of flight but also the tumbling dive of our human limitations. Often bruised and bewildered, we continue to struggle in our pain, not knowing that all that is required is to surrender and dance with these winds of change and circumstance. In doing so, we glide with the eagle above the ocean of our tears into a clear blue, where our vistas expand and enlarge, creating new possibilities. The storm passes, as all storms will. The clouds part. Sunlight again drenches the land. The birds renew their song. We have survived.


Author: intuitivespiritualityblog.com

A native of Ireland with a passionate interest in Celtic spirituality, creativity and intuition. I have been a teacher and workshop facilitator for over 40 years.

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