The Shifting Sands of Change

What is change except a kaleidoscope of fluctuating energies. It is the nature of energy to flow and the inhibiting or blocking of this flow can result in a feeling of being stuck in the same old patterns day after day. This “stuckness” can manifest in illness or excessive fatigue. That is why most illnesses are more spiritual than physical and need to include this aspect if healing is to take place. This does not mean that all illnesses lead to cure because healing is not always physical. The illness itself is the change or trigger that alerts us to the inner workings of emotions and thoughts which in turn, influence the healthy functioning of the body. Since all life is connected, we see the same dynamic at play in the world about us.

Change of any kind – the unexpected job loss, the betrayal of a spouse, the death of a loved one, a diagnosis of life threatening illness, even moving to a new house – anything that disrupts the fixed pattern of our lives, pushes us to evolve and grow. Old energy patterns are shattered so that new growth, life , perspectives, wisdom can take root. If we learn to cooperate with inevitable change and embrace the transition process, we find we are moved into a deeper level of living. Change is the unrecognized gift of the universe. So much of life in a post Trump, post Brexit world is obsessed with trying to keep the status quo in place, to lock us into the perceived safe and familiar. But inevitably life will challenge us to move beyond our comfort zones because that is the nature of life. The creative energy of the universe is not static but constantly in motion so change of one kind or another will come on us often unexpectedly but it is not the enemy but a bringer of life.

Some will be asked to embrace more change than others but it cannot be avoided. Major change is often preceded by a period of chaos. For the past few decades the world has been witness to super storms, earthquakes, nuclear leaks, oil spills, terrorism, economic collapse etc. This is not, however, a time to be sucked into paralytic fear but to understand that great changes are taking place and we are not privy to the whole picture. These shocks, like the earthquakes that restructure the physical shape of the land or the sharp slap on the newborn’s bottom which starts its breathing, shatters the old patterns, creating a paradigm shift that allows the new to enter. The old way of being must die before the new can establish itself.

If we are willing to change our perceptions of how life should be and if we are willing to take risks to grow and discover our own power, then a new and different world will be possible. This twenty-first century is Kairos time, a time of opportunity and hope, a time to dance with the energies of the shifting sands of change and transcend the siren call of fear and helplessness. Human kind has an infinite capacity for change and evolution and we can always change the ending of the story.

Faith is the bird/ that feels the light/and sings when the dawn is dark.”   Tagore


A native of Ireland with a passionate interest in Celtic spirituality, creativity and intuition. I have been a teacher and workshop facilitator for over 40 years.

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