Laughter and Life

Today is April Fool’s Day. It is a good day to celebrate for it reminds us of the necessity of humour in life. Without humour, life becomes a monotonous drag. An immediate response might be “Just what is there to laugh about? Look around you!  We live in a world of corruption, disease, wars, intolerance. Nothing much to laugh about!” Well, yes but humour lies in seeing beneath the skin of things to what lies beneath and recognizing that these things are a segment of life, not its totality.

Humour and joy have to do more with recognizing the absurd in life which is what we celebrate today. It means letting go and knowing that despite all appearances, at a very deep level, we are safe and nurtured by the Universe. It means weeping long and deep and knowing we have survived. It means laughing in the teeth of life’s storms with the knowledge  that this too will pass.

It is no accident that April Fool’s day is celebrated when the land is reawakening and life is being renewed. Spring reappears without effort and the long cold, dreary days of winter are forgotten. Another season has passed and a new one has begun. This is the pattern of life. We laugh in winter because we know spring will come and cannot be stayed. It is a paradox that those who have suffered deeply often have the ability to laugh more readily.

So find something ridiculous today and have a good belly laugh about it for …”When the heart weeps for what it has lost, the spirit laughs for what it has found.”  Muslim Proverb



A native of Ireland with a passionate interest in Celtic spirituality, creativity and intuition. I have been a teacher and workshop facilitator for over 40 years.

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