Easter Poetry


It is accomplished…Now the waiting.

Germination of seed. Transformative pain

reaching into the world’s darkness.

Quiet silence.

Muted voice in a closed tomb

and women’s hearts lamenting on the hill,

the song of grief carried down the centuries

and woven into the fabric of our time.

Women, why do you weep?

For unforgiven scars and bruises

carried down the passage of the years.

Come, rise from your sorrow! Meet me in Galiee

for the stream must flow to the sea, the part become the whole.

Rise! Meet me in Galilee and know the story’s end.



Winter seed drops grieving and weeping dies alone

Golgotha is shaping Christ in the heart of stone.

Dark and silent waiting, enwombed within the tomb

In naked pain heart seeking eternal stars wove in.

In death’s dark heart dawn’s calling

Flame and stream are one

Light on the earth bends dancing

And the pain is done.

Springtime leaps pulsating

Green sword from buried grain

Love upsurges laughing

Like birdsong in the rain.



April has come

And winter has been pushed

rudely aside by impatient spring.

Daffodils spread like yellow butter

across the land,

their dance curtailed by the pattern

of cool shadowed fields of green.

The sun has spilled across my floor.

And spring leaps over the threshold

setting my heart singing

as I sit in quiet joy.

Easter day has come!

Author: intuitivespiritualityblog.com

A native of Ireland with a passionate interest in Celtic spirituality, creativity and intuition. I have been a teacher and workshop facilitator for over 40 years.

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