There was never a time when creativity was more desperately needed than today. Creativity, intuition, spirituality. They are all aspects of the one energy which informs our world. When our innate creativity is denied or suppressed it tends to erupt in its shadow form, wreaking havoc and destruction.

What then is creativity? It is simply the divine spark of life energy within us all which desires to manifest. This impulse to expression is not the prerogative of specialists and artistic experts only nor is creativity confined to the expressive arts, though the arts are a sublime expression of the creative impulse. All people hold this gift  but unfortunately we do very little to encourage the young to find this gift within themselves and in each other. To be human is to be an artist for it is a participation in the vibrant energy of life itself. Life is proliferate and generous and invites us into the creative dance of opposites. Life calls to life, exploring its own magnificence and experimenting with myriad creative expressions at every level of our existence.

Creativity must be nourished if it is to develop and grow. When the focus is on entering fully into the process, our artistic endeavors produce wonders. Creation is a deeply spiritual act and the artist must practise the art of surrendering fully to the process. Eventually the song will begin to sing us, the story will write us and the wood carving will pull our spirit in.

Song of the Woodcarver

I caress you gently with my hands

and feel the ancient heartbeat of the wood;

a legacy in bark and bole that sang

a history from the start of time until

the humming saw with violence came

and cut you down in pieces to be sold

away from sun and wind and rain

and seasons passing tale within your spine.

Now upon my bench

you lie inert and still, waiting for

the healing stroke of carving tools

pulling to light the poem within your grain

setting the spirit free for all to see.

I cut and chip and smooth in a synergy

of dancing wood that soothes my soul

and lifts me to another world

where creator and creation blend

together into one

and sing a song of wood.



Going Into The Forest

Someone once said that adventures don’t begin until we “get into the forest.” Going into the forest is a metaphor for stepping off the beaten track and taking a risk to follow one’s bliss. It is the road less traveled that will take the traveler who knows where.  The woods can be dark or pooled with light. The forest can be wet or gently moist and smelling of the richness of the earth. It can also be tinder dry and brittle, erupting without warning into a fiery inferno. The forest hides a myriad of animal and insect life. It can be a safe place or hold many unsuspecting hazards. One must listen attentively in the forest and re-train the clogged city ears. But ultimately, the forest is a place of rich adventure, only available to those who are willing and have the courage and wisdom necessary to step off the beaten path and discover the secrets lying hidden in its depths.

Listen to the Forest

Listen to the singing of the rain, listen to its drumbeat in the fields,

Listen ’til you feel the cleanse of tears,

Then your Soul will come dancing unto you.

Listen to the soughing of the wind, listen to its rocking in the trees,

Listen ’til you feel the touch of love,

Then your Soul will come dancing unto you.

Listen to the running of the streams, listen to the music of its song.

Listen ’til you feel the energy shift,

Then your Soul will come dancing unto you.

Listen to the murmur of the night, listen to the shout of breaking morn,

Listen ’til you feel the circle turn,

Then your Soul will come dancing unto you.

Listen to the wisdom of your heart, listen to the spiralling call of soul,

Listen ’til you feel that you are one

With your Soul who comes dancing unto you,

With your Soul who comes dancing unto you.